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Why Us

The question is why not us? We’re Skiller and if you haven’t got a Skiller then you’re not hip and trendy in the business world! We’re a small and dedicated team made up of talented managers and founders. We provide virtual assistants to businesses no matter what size – big or small you may be. Skiller allows you to streamline your work life. It enables you to allow time to work on only the things that matter and that are most essential for your business.

If you want a quiet workspace to ensure that you have the ability to run a business as smoothly as possible then Skiller and our Virtual Assistant team are perfect for you. We take away the stress and worry of managing a full team of staff so that you don’t have to have them on location with you.

You can hire one of our VA’s for the hours that you need them, assigning them to personal projects ensuring that deadlines are met and making sure that you’re only paying for working hours when you really need the job doing. We ensure that the relationship between the VA and client is smooth and efficient.

Any queries that may occur along the way can be easily resolved with other team members easily at hand. They can smooth any problems that may arise as quickly as possible, although we really do doubt that this will be the case, with our suitability checks being so thorough before the assigning part even begins.

Our Virtual Assistants will take care of anything, right from candidate sourcing, booking travel, paying bills, managing your database or taking care of online shopping as well. As a Skiller client, you will work with the capable, smart, and dedicated Virtual Assistant that even works remotely from an Offshore location or their home. Just tell them where it needs to be, or as you might know it in the business – delegate and consider it sorted.

We cover everything from recruitment outsourcing to being your call centre executive. How about your social media manager right the way through to online chat representation? The list is endless and our services are equally as focused to give you the greatest possible results!

Our vision and mission
We believe that over the next few years, Skiller really will be the partner of choice from our exceptional customer care to all clients and quality service to a vast array of businesses. Providing further growth and trust amongst our clients is prevalent amongst our team and the dedication to only provide the best for all our consumers is key. Our Managing Director and Founder are just one of our trusting team who makes full use of power technology and really does implement the best practice out there, to give a wide range of best quality and efficient Solutions for everyone she comes in contact with. From small businesses and one to one client’s, right the way through to the global locations. She allow customers to achieve the business goals in the best possible way and with the best possible outcomes!