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Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing or sourcing of a candidate is a time consuming process of the recruiter’s business. Suppose you hire somebody in-house, that also will be the time-consuming work, and you need to pay very high rate to that person. We will help you to find, and screen some qualified talents that the clients wants—and our RPO professional will do it very well for very less. Working on a particular Niche requires expertise skills and unique approach. So, our recruiters enables environment to level brand value and competitive edge for clients that need people with the specified skills.

Call centre executive
The Call center executive options will allow the businesses to select from different options who know various spoken languages, and ensuring that nothing will get lost in the translation. Our Call center executive consulting team will assess and analyze your current requirements based on your situation. That depends on level of the technical skill as well as expertise required, we will help place you out with the virtual employee, which is tailored in meeting your exact requirements and needs.

Social Media Manager
Promoting your online brand and interactive with the customers and prospects at social media websites is 24/7 job. People update Facebook, tweet, and browse their online profile at any hours of a day and night. At those hours they’re doing more than only pinning pretty pictures and are forming views about your business or company.

Data Entry Services
At, Skiller we offer Data Entry services for all types of business no matter small or big. Our deep knowledge of quality work and data process help businesses to achieve their respected targets and clear the data. We focus mainly on the quality work and the cost saving. Our professional team sets standard goals and meets them within a given time period. We offer service in all the industries.

e-Commerce Virtual Assistants
we have got experienced and hard working virtual assistant that will help the e-commerce companies to excel in their business requirements. Our employee will help you in the Billings and the product management and product listing, inventory management, product sourcing or other part of the business. The virtual assistant is somebody who is highly skilled in offering technical, administrative, or creative business services. They will work offsite also, thus term “virtual.” The virtual assistants offer different types of the services, which depends on the respective skill sets and what companies need.

Virtual assistant for research work
We help all types of businesses in offering effective outsourcing as well as research services. Firstly, we provide Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing. Additionally, Recruitment Research Outsourcing and that also with the strong team of knowledgeable professionals. Also, we make sure the top quality of work every time.

Lead Generations
Lead generation is important to survival of the industries like home improvement, financial, business services and merchant processing. Suppose you can identity the precise target market or want to be aggressive, then telephone marketing can be a best strategy. Lead generation still is the effective and efficient way of exposing the targeted customers on your product and service, collect information, and fast provide information to the sales team.

Online chat Representative
Consider your business costs while operating the ‘live’ businesses: you will need office, somebody to handle the tasks that you can’t complete (or not aware of), telephones, fax machines, supplies, of course, preset salary for the trusty steed. The virtual assistant will change everything. As the recognized leader, we have developed the list of some best practices; integration between the Virtual Assistant & online chat representative through the live chat service.