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You can do this either by email where the VA will get a personal email address, instant message – either via Skype or IM or phone.

You will be assigned a dedicated VA who will be your main point of contact on regular basis. You train them how you want things to be done. Our VA’s are thoroughly trained of course but since each client has their own requirements, we recommend that you spend some time initially with your dedicated VA to explain what you need to get done and how exactly, you need them to do it.

Our office is based at: 311, Jain Colony, Mangalwar, Chittorgarh, RAJASTHAN, 312024.

Most of our VA’s work at the US timing 9 am – 5pm EST Monday through to Friday. To accommodate needs of clients from other parts of the world (including Europe and Australia) we also have another shift for them and can work according to their needs.

We cover recruitment process outsourcing, call centre executive work, social media managing, data entry, e-commerce services, research work, lead generations, online chat representative and many more! Check out our services page or drop us an email / call!


You have a team who are more than happy to help. They are always easy to reach via email or phone. This will either be the team Leader or one of the senior members who will be more than happy to discuss any worries that you might have.

We use top niche SSL encryption to make sure your data stays safe and protected. Our assistants can’t access any of your personal information that you have provided in the 24/7 virtual portal.

A valid credit or debit card is required to be on file and is charged every month. If payment is not successfully processed by 31st of the month, we reserve the right to discontinue service until the account is made current.


No, We recommend that you to use all of the hours within time frame. If you run out of the projects, there’s no need to worry. Our VA and team leader will help you to work on client marketing projects, build your social media presence, website changes and we can make suggestions on how to create more projects to help you in the best way and utilize invested money.

There are no contracts and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service any time before your next billing date. Just send us an email to or just let your Team Leader / VA know about the change and we’ll adjust your plan accordingly.