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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or sourcing of a candidate is a time consuming process of the recruiter’s business. Suppose you hire somebody in-house, that also will be the time-consuming work, and you need to pay very high rate to that person.

With above things in mind, Skiller Services presents you the perfect solution. You only have to spend limited time with our associates and make us aware about your requirements.  After that, you can provide some written information and leave rest on us.

You do not have to get concerned about taxes, salaries, tools and leaves, and more. Because, the candidate research or processing are some activities that need more time and generally don’t need any extensive experience for executing effectually. We will build your resume records, and candidate applications and research candidates to help with the executive recruitment.

We will help you to find, and screen some qualified talents that the clients wants—and our RPO professional will do it very well for very less. Working on a particular Niche requires expertise skills and unique approach. So, our recruiters enables environment to level brand value and competitive edge for clients that need people with the specified skills.

Our Recruitment Process Includes:

  • Candidates Sourcing for open job orders
  • Searching verified contact details
  • Managing CRM and Database
  • Help recruiters to get new clients and job orders
  • Social media marketing
  • Posting jobs on career sites