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Our Team

Nirmal Bhavsar
Our workforce comprises of a range of skilled people with the extensive domain knowledge, right from the design graduates to the postgraduate engineers to the business managers. Nirmal founded the company in year 2015 following 10 years of experience with multiple companies, where he has to manage all administrative operations & sales departments.

Our customers reap benefits of our success rate in the project handling. Nirmal works with sales team and prepare marketing as well as benefit the plan recommendations. He also provides hands on service every day to clients small and large when offering creative and timely solutions to meet all their needs. He is working in virtual assistant industry from last five years.

Nirmal has understanding of our customer requirements, evaluating our customer goals, documenting our customer processes, as well as developing the customized training plan for our customer processes. Nirmal’s is transition precise processes to the global locations without even dropping a ball, tracking performance, establishing quality metrics, as well as reporting the progress-resulting in the best customer and satisfaction levels, which create loyalty as well as enhance your brand.

Ritu Bhavsar
Managing Director/Co-Founder
Ritu joined the team of Skiller in 2015 January as Managing Director. She is responsible for communication, marketing,  as well as business development efforts of the firm. Besides strategic business development, she directs branding, media relations, website development and advertising. Ritu has also worked for over 3 years with the Frankfinn Institute as an accounts manager. She has done MBA in accounts and holds BSC degree.

For over decade, Skiller has created huge opportunities for companies, families and entrepreneurs to achieve more on work as well as experience more in their life. Ritu is obsessed with all our clients and also believe in building the long lasting business and personal relationships through service excellence, relentless innovation and value creation. 

Ritu’s strengths are her drive, leadership and creativity. Thriving on many challenges, mainly those that expand a company’s reach and she’s best in understanding the client’s need and keen in helping them out. She has also worked in KPO and BPO industry so has a very good knowledge on handling all types of clients.

Ritu believes that will be the partner of choice just by providing great value to give our customer’s the long term growth.

Ritu is committed in providing the ongoing value to all our customers. She makes use of power technology and implement the best practices, to give a wide range of best quality and efficient Solutions, from the global locations that will allow customers to achieve the business goals in the best possible way.