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Online chat Representative

Online Chat Representative

Consider your business costs while operating the ‘live’ businesses: you will need office, somebody to handle the tasks that you can’t complete (or not aware of), telephones, fax machines, supplies, of course, preset salary for the trusty steed. The virtual assistant will change everything. As the recognized leader, we have developed the list of some best practices; integration between the Virtual Assistant & online chat representative through the live chat service.

Our online chat representatives are set of API’s that will link our Virtual Assistants to live chat application. Integration of two provides best way for the companies to support their customers better, while getting them the most from their investments.

So, you will get one full package that will get terminated whenever you want without even having to pay dime of the unemployment insurance.

Calling us and contacting us through online chat service will further drop your fears, and help you to see benefits of hiring the professional secretaries that you were not aware of, and may reveal our costing structure. As you can cancel your contract when you deem fitting, then we challenge you try the virtual assistant for a month. No matter whether transcribing, typing, phone call dictations and word processing is required, our experts are well prepared to meet all your requirements.