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e-Commerce Services

At Skiller we have got experienced and hard working virtual assistant that will help the e-commerce companies to excel in their business requirements. Our employee will help you in the Billings and the product management and product listing, inventory management, product sourcing or other part of the business. The virtual assistant is somebody who is highly skilled in offering technical, administrative, or creative business services. They will work offsite also, thus term “virtual.” The virtual assistants offer different types of the services, which depends on the respective skill sets and what companies need.

The Ecommerce teams have good experience in shopping cart platforms online that will manage easily the complicated and delicate nature of the eCommerce management projects and Product development Service.

Basically, virtual employees don’t just finish their work assigned. But, they also research your business as well as share thoughts and ideas and suggest any kind of improvements. We can find and train the staff member only to your business or job requirements. They will do plenty of tasks just to help you get extra time, so that you may expand your eCommerce business.

There are some tasks that they perform and it includes:

  • Order processing
  • eCommerce listing creation & optimization
  • Adding tracking for the orders
  • eCommerce Inventory management
  • Basic photo editing and re-sizing
  • Customer service
  • Other marketplace and  ecommerce tasks

Selecting right virtual assistant will be of great significance as lots of business activities are actually managed by the virtual assistant.